Remember a few years ago when it seemed like the news was full of stories about the outbreaks of West Nile virus?  Well, it’s apparently rearing its ugly head once more, as cases of West Nile are being reported across the United States.

What makes West Nile virus a serious health concern is the fact that it can lead to swelling of the brain.  More than likely, according the Centers for Disease Control, if you contract West Nile you may only have mild symptoms like fever, headache and nausea, and most people have no symptoms at all.  However, about 1% of people have serious complications that can lead to death, and children and the elderly are more likely to have those complications.

West Nile Virus is transmitted by the bites of mosquitoes, and tests are revealing that many mosquitoes are carriers of the virus.  There is no cure or vaccine for West Nile virus, which makes it even more important to take preventative measures. When you are outside make sure and use a DEET bug spray and wear protective clothing.  Also keep in mind that the most important thing you can do is to make sure your property is not a mosquito haven.  Reduce the amount of standing water in your yard and call a professional to treat your yard in order to keep the mosquito population at a minimum.

Remember, you play an important role in controlling mosquitoes by being responsible for your property and to keep your eyes open for any potential problem areas that could become a potential mosquito breeding ground.  The spread of West Nile virus can be prevented by keeping those pesky mosquitoes in check!