Wedding Venue and Chairs

Weddings are stressful. Ridiculously stressful, actually. Throw in the unpredictability of having it outdoors and you’re in the nervous breakdown zone, but never fear, we’re here to give you three incredibly useful pieces of advice to give yourself the perfect outdoor wedding.

First piece of advice…
Always have your guests’ comfort in mind. Yeah, the ceremony would look so much better if the view was atop that ragged peak but let’s be sensible here. Grandma isn’t going to trek it up the side of said mountain without feeling slightly winded and, honestly, that’s a tad bit inconsiderate. Now, we’re not saying you shouldn’t get what you want on your wedding day but if you want to exchange your vows at an elevation of ten-thousand feet, you’re better off doing a more intimate wedding. As in you, the significant other, and the minister, kind of intimate. The local sherpas can be your witnesses.

All right, all sarcasm aside, consider a time of year that’s comfortable for all. We know that’s a given but this blogger just attended a wedding in Texas in the middle of July. Outside. Let’s just say, the guests might as well have been made of wax. We melted. So choose a month more conducive to comfort. Also, it might be (shameless plug inserted here) a very good idea to have a mosquito misting system installed so your guests won’t get eaten alive. We’re aware of what our company is but it’s just good sense to prevent disease. It’s better safe than sorry, right? You don’t want people to remember your nuptials as the day, “Aunt Edna got that West Nile.”

In keeping with the comfort theme, remember to include a small place to cool off, especially for those nieces and nephews. Consider a misting fan near the dance floor. If you’re serving a buffet, remember to choose menu items that can survive a little heat without going bad or tasting like a piece of cardboard after fifteen minutes. Also, if possible, consider paved areas for the ceremony as well as the reception as a lady’s heel added with that luscious lawn makes for comical results. All in all, do everything with both yours and your guests’ comfort in mind.

Second piece of advice…
Don’t, under any circumstances, expect it not to rain. Contingency plan, baby. Pick a place you know will be able to accommodate in emergencies and for goodness sake, pick a place that you’ll be happy with. If God forbid it does start to rain and the option to move it back outdoors is just not a doable one, make sure you’d be satisfied with plan B, i.e. pavilion with similar view, etc.

Third piece of advice…
Be happy. Be ecstatic! It’s your wedding day. Make sure that no matter what happens, that even if a tornado blows through, that you will be satisfied as long as you get to exchange vows. We assure you, weddings are memorable when the bride is happy and memorable weddings are the most fun to reminisce about (whether the memory involves rain or not). So make sure the memory always includes a smiling you.

p.s. Congratulations, you adventurous bride, you!