Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

It’s that time.  Time to decorate your very own Thanksgiving table.  But, what to use?  What can be simple, yet elegant and wow your guests at the same time?  Here are a few suggestions to help take your Thanksgiving table from ordinary to extraordinary.

Pumpkins, twigs, pinecones…these are accouterments that are easy to find this time of year. They are also a great addition to your holiday table.  Assemble these items and buy a can of gold spray paint.  Spray paint the pumpkins, branches and pinecones and artfully arrange them on a burlap runner on your table.  Add a few candles and you have a modern yet rustic look that is sure to ad elegance to any holiday table.

Flowers aren’t the only things that can adorn a table.  For a truly “fresh” look, you can also use produce.  Purple cabbage, artichokes, kale, Napa cabbage and curly lettuce can all serve as interesting centerpieces for your holiday fare.  Simply find a shallow tray or vase to serve as the vessel and arrange the vegetables.  You can hallow out the center of the cabbage and cleverly arrange a few blossoms in its center, then surround it with visually colorful fare such as artichokes.  You can also take a few votive candles and wrap them with leaves from a Napa cabbage.  Simply tie the cabbage around the votive with string, fill the votive with water and float a candle in the water.  Simple and organic elegance abounds.

If you’d like to keep it simple and forgo a centerpiece all together, you can always go for a distinctive place setting instead.  Use a plain white tablecloth with a contrasting runner down the center of the table.  Then, place a miniature pumpkin or gourd with unusual patterning or multiple colors on each plate.  The look is timeless and will highlight the place setting themselves instead of the table.

The goal of any holiday table is to make it an inviting place for family and friends to enjoy themselves and make memories.  Hopefully, by utilizing some of these tips, you can make this holiday your very own and create lasting memories for years to come.

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