Mosquito season is coming! If you know your mosquitoes, you also know that in order to control them you have to eliminate standing water in the environment. Mosquitoes are not only annoying pests, they also can carry disease.  So, reducing their presence in your yard is not only important for your enjoyment of your outdoor space, it’s important for you and your family’s health.  Here are some tips to help you keep the mosquito population in and around your property in check this summer.


Drain standing water out of dog bowls, birdbaths, and plant saucers – basically anything can collect water.  It only takes a little water for a mosquito to reproduce in.  If the water isn’t circulated or moving, then mosquito eggs can be laid and hatch.  That means more mosquitos!


This tip isn’t one that a lot of people think about, but tossing yard clippings, grass and leaves is very important.  If you have piles of these on your property they can be a great place for a female mosquito to lay her eggs.  So, toss them!


Children’s toys, plastic pools or sandboxes, wagons – flip over things that collect water that are kept outside so they don’t have the opportunity to gather water.  Flip them so you don’t have to flip out over annoying mosquitoes!


If you have tarps covering something on your property they can be a big accumulator of water.  As previously mentioned, it doesn’t take a lot of water for a mosquito to be able to lay eggs, and any amount of stagnant water on a tarp can easily turn into a mosquito nursery.  Get rid of any tarps you don’t need and make sure to check the tarps you have for pooling water.


Finally, if you have standing water on your property, call in the professionals!  They can apply larvicide and growth regulators that will keep your property free of those pesky mosquitoes!

So, don’t forget the 5 T’s of mosquito control: Tip, toss, turn, tarp and treat!