Mosquito (Culex pipiens) sucking blood on human skin

The short days of winter are giving way to longer days and more sunshine, which means that soon you’ll be able to move outside to enjoy the benefits of outdoor living and entertainment.  But this also heralds the return of the dreaded mosquito, which can put quite a damper on outdoor antics.  Not to mention, the ways in which most people know to combat mosquitoes actually won’t help at all.  Here are some common mistakes people make when it comes to controlling this annoying insect.

Do you find yourself basking the soft neon glow of your bug zapper outside?  Do you take satisfaction in that zap and sizzle as another irritating insect meets its end? That’s all well and good, but biting insects like mosquitoes generally don’t go for the bug zapper.  In fact, less than one percent of the bugs zapped are the annoying kind, and you may actually be zapping the insects that are good for your garden.

Citronella oil has been proven to have mosquito-repellent properties, but the citrosa plants you can buy at your local store do not.  These plants are genetically modified and have been proven in tests to not be a deterrent to the mosquito. So, if you like the looks of the plants then go for it, but don’t expect it to do a lot of good in the insect control department.

People often think that animals like bats and purple martins that eat insects are good for mosquito control, but that is a bit misleading.  Certainly these animals are beneficial in the environment, but they are not very effective in controlling mosquito populations because the mosquito makes up just a fraction of their diets.  They don’t hurt, but they don’t really help as much as people think either.

In this technologically advanced age, you may be tempted to buy into the electronic devices that claim to transmit sounds that mimic male mosquitoes or dragonflies to keep mosquitoes away, but don’t waste your money.  These haven’t been proven to work at all and may even border on fraud.

Just remember, there are very effective and proven ways to control mosquito populations in your yard.  Don’t let water stand for more than a day or two, replacing outdoor lights with allow outdoor lights will help to not attract them, DEET will certainly repel them and citronella candles can all help to keep your outdoor space less attractive to mosquitoes and help you not to become their next meal.

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