halloween cardLife can be busy, and we don’t always have the time to plan elaborate and spooktacular Halloween costumes for ourselves or the kids.  Do not fret, oh ye of little time and treasure!  Here are some easy ways to be frugally yet frightfully festive.

For the kiddos, there are some great and popular ideas that you can pull off with a trip to the dollar store.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are all the rage this year.  The costume consists of a green outfit, a mask and a shell made of —wait for it—an aluminum roasting pan spray painted green!  Just tie it on with a piece of brown fabric to act as the belt and you have instant TMNT!

Another great idea for the kids is the Minion!  Just take mason jar lids and a pair of protective goggles, push the lids into the goggles and you have instant minion eyes!  Complete the look with some thrift store overalls and your kids will have the most despicably fun costume on the block.

You really can’t go wrong with being food for Halloween, and a slice of pizza is an easy costume for the young or not so young to pull off.  All you need is a stiff material for the crust, like a foam backed fabric at the drapery or upholstery section of the fabric store. You will also need multi colored felt for the various toppings and fabric glue.  Measure across the shoulders and add about 10-12 inches to that, which will be enough for the top of the crust.  Measure from the neck to how far down you’d like your slice to go and cut out two triangles.  Next, cut a curve out of the top where the head will fit through.  Then, sew the two pieces together at the shoulder, lining up the hole for the head.  Glue on felt cut out as your favorite pizza toppings and that’s amore!

For all of you out there allergic to sewing (me!), there are great costume ideas for all ages that require no sewing at all.  A donut made of cardboard and pink poster board for icing that hangs around your neck is one great idea!  You can even add sprinkles with markers if the mood strikes.  Another is a Chia Head.  Make a wig out of fake foliage and tape a sign to your chest that declares that you are, in fact, a Chia Head and watch it grow!  A rectangular cardboard box and some Tupperware can also come in handy to make you, or your whole gang, a Lego.  Simply glue six Tupperware containers open side down on to your cardboard box, spray paint the whole thing in any color of your choice, cut holes in the box for your head and arms and everything will be awesome!

Hopefully, with tips like these you and your friends and family will be the most formidable fashionistas on the block!

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