Home Owner’s Associations can be wonderful organizations. They keep a neighborhood clean, prevent the odd car from taking up residence in your neighbor’s yard, etc., etc.

But with every good comes the bad.

Listen to a few of these horror stories and comment below if you’ve got a few of your own.

Cue the wide, disbelieving eyes.

HOA Horror Story One
In one neighborhood in Phoenix, the HOA would not allow blue trampoline covers. In fact, the only acceptable colors for a trampoline cover in this neighborhood are green or black.

HOA Horror Story Two
Homeowners in Lebanon, Tennessee are prohibited by their HOA to display “For Sale” signs in their front yards as it violates their “No billboards, signs, or banners” law.

HOA Horror Story Three
In Dallas, a neighborhood HOA requires that each person who utilizes the pool must bring their own towel. Sharing is absolutely prohibited, even with family, or receive a $25 fine.

HOA Horror Story Four
In one HOA neighborhood in Atlanta, residents must remove all holiday decorations within three days of the celebration of said holiday.

HOA Horror Story Five
In Denver, the crazy that is the president of this HOA, only allowed their neighborhood two garage sales a year and they had to be done as a neighborhood only, not as an individual homeowner. As if that wasn’t uncomfortable enough, there was also a dress code for certain neighborhood activities. For the garage sales, the attire chosen by the HOA president were Polos and khakis and if you “rebeled” with a pair of jeans? A $30 fine for you! But it also meant that if there were birthday parties at the neighborhood park or swimming pool guests, for example, the residents as well as the guests have to adhere to attire guidelines.

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