There may have recently been a breakthrough in the world of mosquito repellent. It takes away a mosquitoes ability to smell you, and it’s could be a technological and public health miracle.
Several years ago as scientists were trying to figure out why insects that suck blood, like mosquitoes, bit some people more than others. As they were mixing together various compounds they stumbled upon a mixture that seemed to make human invisible to mosquitoes.
See, mosquitoes hone in on you as their next meal by smelling various chemicals and bacteria that live on your skin. When the chemicals discovered in the lab were mixed together it seemed to block a mosquito’s ability to smell you. It’s like when Arnold Schwarzenegger covered himself in mud to evade detection by that really ugly alien in Predator! How cool is that?
They then tested this chemical cocktail by applying it to the skin of one hand and then having a subject place both hands into a tank of mosquitoes. The mosquitoes avoided the treated hand. What a “handy” discovery.
There is no doubt this repellent will end being a great weapon in the battle humans wage against mosquitoes. This repellent isn’t just effective against mosquitoes, but other block suckers such as ticks. That means that the 30,000 cases of Lyme disease as well as the thousand annual cases of encephalitis could be a thing of the past.
Thus far, DEET has been the largest weapon humans have against mosquitoes. The problem with DEET is that it can be toxic to human. It also works by repelling insects because it makes us smell less appealing. This new discovery, on the other hand, doesn’t make us smell like anything – which is why it’s so effective. It’s pretty much akin to Harry Potter’s cloak of invisibility!
This discovery needs to go through more testing before it can be released to the public, but its creators are optimistic. It will probably work by releasing it into the air instead of applying it.
It’s good to know that new discoveries to protect humans from mosquitoes are coming to the market. So, be on the lookout over the next several years for this new and improved mosquito repellent!