It’s All About the Kabob, Baby

A little joke for you. How do you tell a kabob to be quiet? Shish, Kabob! Buddum bum! Today it’s all about the kabob, baby. We’re bringing you five awesomely different kabob

Into the Flames…

Into the Flames: Safe Eating Temperatures and when and when not to close the lid of the grill while cooking. Before we begin, it’s important you have a good quality

DIY Bird Feeder and Bird Feed!

Today we’ll be teaching you how to create your very own shadowbox bird feeder as well as create your own bird feed that will not only invite local birdlife but

Mosquitoes Beat Deet | MosquitoNix

Since World War II, Deet has been recommended as a deterrent against mosquitoes.  When initially introduced to mosquitoes, Deet’s odor is the primary deterrent; however, it doesn’t affect all mosquitoes