Are you looking for family-friendly, outdoor, summer fun? Slather on the sunscreen and get the kids outdoors for the day with a picnic at the park, dip in the community pool, or a quick bicycle ride to the local soccer field for a game of kickball. Keep the family healthy, active, and engaged!

Picnic at the Park

Summer picnics can be entertaining and a bonding experience for the entire family. Choose a time and date that is most convenient for the family’s weekly schedule. If you are inviting extended family, send out invitations. Consider inviting friends from work, your kids’ school, your local neighborhood, and church. Choose a comfortable location that will accommodate the number of guests you intend to invite as well as the activities you have planned for guests. Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and water. Encourage your guests to bring favorite finger foods and game ideas.

Dip in the Community Pool

Bring the kids for a dip in the local community pool. Water volleyball and “marco polo” are popular water games amongst youth. In addition to fun, swimming is one of the healthiest aerobic exercises for your body as it doesn’t have the harsh impact to your muscular and skeletal system like running. Hydrotherapy is not only beneficial to your health but also to your happiness. Gliding freely through water is liberating.


Put on your sneakers and dust off the bicycles in the garage; it’s time for cycling. Taking a few precautions can make your family cycling trip a-okay. First, check the tires and brakes on each bike as tire pressure can deviate greatly. A single pump of air may be necessary before each ride. Also, be sure to pack an emergency pack containing a charged cell phone, extra sunscreen, sunglasses, tissues, band aids, and trail map. Stay on the most traveled trails, especially when cycling with children.

One fun family cycling event is that of a bike parade. Organize the event by posting signs around the neighborhood. Encourage the kids to decorate their bikes with stickers, flags, and streamers.  Allow the kids to form a bicycle parade as the parents standby and cheer.

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