Cute Little Girls Pulling Their Pumpkins In A Wagon At A Pumpkin Patch One Fall Day.

Be a trendsetter this Halloween by transforming your pumpkins without knives!  This is an activity the whole family can get enjoy together and it’s less mess in your life, which is always a plus.  Give a few of these ideas a try!

Pumpkin people are the snowmen of the pumpkin world.  Magical and adorable, they’re simple and fun to make.  What you’ll need for pumpkin people are pumpkins of various sizes, paintbrushes, black and white paint and some twigs.  Simple, right?  First, select two pumpkins that stack on top of each other well.  Paint white circles on the top pumpkin for eyes and let the paint dry completely before using the black paint to make pupils.  You could also just add swirls to the white paint to give the pumpkin eyes a bit more whimsy; while you’re at it feel free to paint the pumpkin body too.  The pumpkin world is your patch here, so create whatever you feel moved to create! Next, take a twig and cut it down to size to use as arms.  Push the twigs into the bottom pumpkin.  You may want to poke a hole big enough for the twig with a sharp object to help with this step, depending on the sturdiness of your twigs!  Finally, stack the pumpkin head on top of the pumpkin body and voila! Pumpkin people!

Candy corn pumpkins are not only delightful, but entirely edible too!  Just take a few candies of your choice, such as candy corn, wax lips, zombie ears, eyeballs (because during the Halloween season, these are reasonable things to find at the store!) and use them to create spooky, scary or silly faces on your pumpkins!

Halloween isn’t only about pumpkins, either.  Let’s incorporate some gourds in here with the Ghostly Gourd!  All you have to do is gather up some butternut squash and paint them a pale phantom blue or white.  Use grey or black paint for eyes and then find some different, quirky or imaginative things around your house to dress the gourds up in.  Small hats, glasses, doll clothes, bowties…the possibilities are endless!

Back in the land of pumpkins, how about some pumpkins in disguise?  Simple and fun, these pumpkins get a masquerade makeover by applying masks, gluing on strips of paper for hair, putting on wigs, hats, foam noses…basically, anything you can come up with to slap on that pumpkin and make him or her a masterpiece!

We’ll “wrap” this up with mummifying your pumpkin!  The easiest pumpkin makeover you’ll ever do, mummifying your pumpkin requires only some self-stick gauze from your first aid kit, a marker, and some googly eyes!  Simply wrap the pumpkin in gauze, black out the mouth and stick some of those googly eyes in there and you’ve got yourself a mummified pumpkin guaranteed to bring an eerie air to your front porch festivities!

So there you have it!  No knife, no stress ways to decorate your pumpkins for a haunted Halloween!

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